Phoenix’s Ultimate Baklava Guide: A Middle Eastern Delight Awaits

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Phoenix, Arizona is a melting pot of cultures and cuisines, offering a diverse range of flavors and dishes. Among the many delicious options available, baklava stands out as a popular dessert that has captured the hearts and taste buds of many locals and visitors alike. This sweet pastry is a staple in Middle Eastern cuisine and has become a beloved treat in Phoenix. In this article, we will explore the best baklava in Phoenix and where to find it.

Middle Eastern cuisine is a vast and varied culinary tradition that encompasses many different countries and cultures. Two other popular cuisines that share a similar heritage with baklava are Turkish and Greek cuisine. While all three cuisines share some similarities, they also have distinct differences in their flavors, ingredients, and preparation methods. Turkish baklava is known for its thin, crispy layers of phyllo dough and rich pistachio filling, while Greek baklava is often made with honey and walnuts. Despite these differences, all three cuisines share a love for sweet, flaky pastries that are perfect for satisfying a sweet tooth.

If you’re a fan of baklava or just looking to try something new, Phoenix is the perfect place to indulge in this delicious dessert. From traditional Middle Eastern bakeries to modern cafes and restaurants, there are plenty of options to choose from. In this article, we will highlight some of the best places to find baklava in Phoenix, including their unique flavors and styles. Whether you prefer your baklava with pistachios, walnuts, or honey, we’ve got you covered. So sit back, relax, and get ready to discover the best baklava in Phoenix.

Baiz Market Place

523 N 20th St Phoenix

Baiz Market Place is a gem for those seeking authentic Middle Eastern cuisine. The market offers a wide variety of top-quality products, and the customer service is second to none. The friendly and understanding staff always go the extra mile to ensure a pleasant shopping experience.

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The restaurant inside the market is a must-visit. The shawarma wraps, beef entrees, and kababs are all prepared with care and attention to detail. The hummus and cheese pies are a delight, and the falafel is simply irresistible. The food is a bit on the pricey side, but the taste and quality make it worth every penny.

The market also houses a deli with a variety of meats and a bakery that offers a range of delicious treats. However, it’s worth noting that the freshness of the fruits can sometimes be inconsistent.

There have been a few instances where the quality of the food did not meet expectations. For example, there was an unfortunate incident involving lamb meat that had an unpleasant smell. However, the management is committed to addressing these issues and ensuring the highest standards of quality are maintained.

In conclusion, Baiz Market Place is a fantastic destination for anyone seeking a taste of the Middle East. The combination of excellent food, top-notch customer service, and a wide variety of products make it a place worth visiting.

Old Town Sarajevo

Baklava @ Old Town Sarajevo - <a href="">Photo Source</a>
Baklava @ Old Town Sarajevo – Photo Source

3411 W Northern Ave Ste B Phoenix

Old Town Sarajevo Menu

Old Town Sarajevo is a delightful restaurant that has been serving the community for over 20 years. It offers a cultural setting filled with memorabilia and artifacts, and the food is reminiscent of homemade meals. The cost of the dishes is quite reasonable compared to American foods. The restaurant offers a variety of Bosnian dishes, including cevapi, bosanski lonac, gulas, and grilled lepina. The cevapi, served with onion, is particularly delicious.

For those trying Bosnian food for the first time, Old Town Sarajevo is a great place to start. The halal meat they serve is well seasoned and freshly made. The punjena pljeskavica and the pileci sendvic are highly recommended. The restaurant also offers plenty of parking spots in the plaza it is located in.

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The menu at Old Town Sarajevo is quite diverse, with dishes like stuffed cabbage and goulash that are worth trying. The atmosphere is friendly and the staff is welcoming. The restaurant is a great place to experience food from Bosnia.

Despite some minor issues with service, the quality of the food at Old Town Sarajevo is consistently good. The cevape and its spicier version are popular choices. The bread is crisp, soft, and buttery, and the sausage is cooked to perfection. The sour cream and pepper dip is a delightful addition to the meal.

Old Town Sarajevo is a historical place that offers delicious food. It’s a great place to try something new and enjoy a unique dining experience.

Naoosh Sweets & Market

Naoosh Sweets & Market - <a href="">Photo Source</a>
Naoosh Sweets & Market – Photo Source

12450 N 35th Ave Ste 95 Phoenix

Naoosh Sweets & Market Menu

Naoosh Sweets & Market is a delightful culinary gem nestled in the heart of Arizona. The moment you step inside, you are welcomed by a warm and inviting atmosphere that immediately makes you feel at home. The wide selection of sweets and treats is simply extraordinary, each item crafted with precision and care, showcasing the skill and dedication of the talented team behind these delectable creations.

Whether you’re a fan of traditional favorites or interested in exploring unique flavors and innovative combinations, Naoosh Sweets & Market has something to satisfy every palate. The quality of the ingredients used is evident in every bite. From the freshest fruits to the finest chocolates and spices, they prioritize sourcing top-notch ingredients to ensure an unparalleled taste experience.

The customer service at Naoosh Sweets & Market is outstanding. The friendly and knowledgeable staff members are always ready to assist, offering helpful recommendations and ensuring that your visit is enjoyable from start to finish. Their passion for their craft and dedication to providing a memorable experience shines through in their attentive and personalized service.

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For those who enjoy exploring other cultures and their foods, Naoosh Sweets & Market provides a great experience. The staff members are always ready to walk you around the store and let you try a few freshly made items. The sweet fresh baked section is particularly impressive, and it’s hard to leave without buying some of the sweet treats.

While some may find the pricing a bit on the higher side, it’s important to remember that quality ingredients and exceptional service often come at a premium. The staff is always ready to provide samples, but it’s always a good idea to clarify if there’s any charge associated with them. Despite any misunderstandings, the overall experience at Naoosh Sweets & Market is one that will leave you coming back for more.

Personal Recommendation

For anyone with a penchant for rich, layered pastries, Phoenix boasts some truly remarkable spots to relish authentic baklava. A visit to Baiz Market Place or Old Town Sarajevo reveals a symphony of flavors and a testament to the city’s multicultural culinary scene. Don’t miss the delectable offerings at Naoosh Sweets & Market, where every sweet bite tells a story of tradition and artistry.


Phoenix’s culinary landscape, enriched with Middle Eastern influences, is a testament to the city’s diverse and inclusive spirit. Whether you’re a lifelong baklava enthusiast or a curious newbie, the city’s offerings promise an unforgettable gustatory journey. From traditional eateries to modern confectioneries, Phoenix’s baklava scene beautifully encapsulates the essence of Middle Eastern dessert artistry. So, the next time the craving strikes, you know the best spots in town to satiate that sweet tooth!

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