Tempe Diablo Stadium: A Comprehensive Guide to Arizona’s Premier Baseball Venue

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Tempe Diablo Stadium: A Comprehensive Guide to Arizona's Premier Baseball Venue

Located in Tempe, Arizona, Tempe Diablo Stadium serves as the spring training home for the Los Angeles Angels and a key venue for the Arizona Cactus League. This stadium has been hosting the Angels since 1993, making it a significant location for both players and fans alike. With its rich history and prime location, it’s a must-visit for baseball enthusiasts.

The sun sets behind Tempe Diablo Stadium, casting a warm glow over the field and stands. The lights flicker to life as the night sky descends, creating a vibrant and electric atmosphere

Tempe Diablo Stadium offers a variety of facilities designed to enhance the fan experience. The stadium features modern amenities, comfortable seating, and a range of concession stands that cater to diverse tastes. For those planning to visit, there are detailed guides available on guest services, parking, and seating options.

Visitors can also enjoy the convenience of accessible amenities and comprehensive stadium policies. The venue’s detailed guidelines cover everything from allowable items to emergency exits, ensuring a safe and enjoyable outing for everyone. Easy access via local transportation adds to its appeal, making it an easy destination for local and visiting fans.

Key Takeaways

  • Tempe Diablo Stadium has been the spring training home of the Los Angeles Angels since 1993.
  • The stadium offers modern facilities and detailed visitor guidelines.
  • Accessible by local transportation, making it convenient for fans.

History and Overview

The sun sets behind the grandstands, casting a warm glow over the baseball field. The stadium's iconic red and white facade stands tall against the desert backdrop

Tempe Diablo Stadium, built in 1968, serves as the spring training home for the Los Angeles Angels. This historic ballpark has undergone significant renovations to maintain its status as a top-tier facility.

Stadium Renovation

The stadium underwent an extensive renovation in 2005 to modernize its facilities. The improvements included upgraded seating, better accessibility features, and enhanced amenities for players and fans.

A new accessible ramp was installed on the south side of the stadium, making it easier for everyone to reach their seats. Also, the renovation added new concession stands and improved the clubhouse facilities, ensuring that both players and visitors had a comfortable experience. These updates have helped keep Tempe Diablo Stadium a beloved venue for baseball enthusiasts.

Stadium Facilities

The sun sets behind Tempe Diablo Stadium, casting a warm glow on the empty stands and pristine field. The lights begin to flicker on, illuminating the vast expanse of the stadium facilities

Tempe Diablo Stadium offers plenty of amenities to enhance the fan experience. From shaded seating to modern restrooms and a well-equipped clubhouse, visitors will find everything they need for a comfortable day at the ballpark.

Seating and Shade Structures

Tempe Diablo Stadium has a variety of seating options to accommodate fans. The seating includes traditional bleachers and individual seats with backrests. Many areas have shade structures to protect fans from the sun, a crucial feature for those daytime spring training games in the Arizona heat. The shaded sections are particularly popular, providing a comfortable viewing experience. Fans should check the stadium’s seating map for the best areas offering shade.

Restrooms and Concessions

Restrooms at Tempe Diablo Stadium are conveniently located throughout the facility, ensuring fans never have to walk too far. They are modern and well-maintained, providing clean and accessible options for all visitors. Concessions offer a variety of food and drink options to suit different tastes. From typical ballpark fare like hot dogs and pretzels to healthier options, there’s something for everyone. Fans can easily find concession stands near the seating areas, allowing them to quickly grab what they need without missing too much of the game.

Team Clubhouse

The team clubhouse at Tempe Diablo Stadium is another highlight. Located adjacent to the field, it is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities for players and staff. This includes spacious locker rooms and advanced training equipment. The clubhouse also has a training room and meeting space where coaches can go over game plans. Fans might catch a glimpse of players heading to and from the clubhouse, adding an exciting element to the game-day experience.

Scoreboard and Outfield Concourse

The scoreboard at Tempe Diablo Stadium is prominently situated in the outfield, providing clear visibility from all seating areas. It features live game updates, player stats, and other essential information. Alongside the scoreboard, the outfield concourse offers additional amenities. Fans can walk along the concourse to enjoy different viewpoints of the game and access various outfield concessions and restrooms. The concourse also serves as a social space where fans can mingle and enjoy the atmosphere of the stadium.

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Fan Experience

Fans cheer as players take the field at Tempe Diablo Stadium. The sun sets behind the mountains, casting a warm glow over the crowd

Tempe Diablo Stadium aims to offer fans a pleasant and accessible experience with convenient parking, a variety of seating options, clear field regulations, and comprehensive facilities.

Access and Parking

Tempe Diablo Stadium is located at 2200 W. Alameda Dr., making it easily reachable from I-10. Fans are advised to take the Broadway Street exit and head west to 48th Street before turning onto Alameda.

Parking is available for $10 per vehicle, while RV parking costs $25. Accessible parking spots are conveniently close to the stadium entrance. There are designated spots for fans with disabilities, ensuring everyone can enjoy the game without hassle.

Website resources and maps help guide visitors, minimizing any confusion. Simple navigation aids fans in arriving on time for games and events.

Tickets and Seating

Tickets for games at Tempe Diablo Stadium can be purchased online or at the stadium box office. Prices vary depending on the location of the seats and the type of event.

Seating options range from general admission to premium seats closer to the field. Fans can choose from bleachers, box seats, and suites. Multiple sections have shaded areas to provide relief from the Arizona sun.

For those needing specific accommodations, accessible seating is available throughout the stadium, ensuring an inclusive environment for all attendees.

Field Regulations

Guests at Tempe Diablo Stadium are expected to follow specific rules to maintain a safe and enjoyable experience. Conduct guidelines emphasize respect and appropriate behavior, ensuring a family-friendly atmosphere.

Clear signage at the stadium entry outlines prohibited items and behaviors, such as outside food and drink, alcohol, and disruptive actions. Service animals are permitted with proper documentation and must remain with their owners at all times.

These regulations help create a safe and orderly environment, allowing fans to focus on the excitement of the game.

Service and Facilities

The stadium offers various services and facilities aimed at enhancing the fan experience. Concession stands provide a wide range of food and beverages, including alcoholic drinks for those of legal age.

Clean and well-maintained restrooms are available throughout the venue. Family restrooms and changing stations cater to visitors with young children, ensuring convenience for families.

Guest services are located at multiple points in the stadium to assist with inquiries and any issues that may arise. Through these facilities, Tempe Diablo Stadium ensures that all fans have what they need for an enjoyable visit.

Location and Transportation

Tempe Diablo Stadium, with fans entering, surrounded by palm trees and a backdrop of mountains. Parking lot full of cars

Tempe Diablo Stadium is conveniently located with easy access for fans coming from different parts of the region. Visitors can drive, take public transit, or bike to the stadium.

Address and Directions

Tempe Diablo Stadium can be found at 2200 W. Alameda Drive, Tempe, AZ 85282. It is situated close to major highways, making it easily accessible. From Highway 60, fans should take the exit onto S Priest Dr and follow signs to the stadium. Those driving from Loop 101 can exit onto Broadway Rd and proceed west. For those coming from the North Valley or Scottsdale, it is advisable to use I-17 and then connect to Highway 60 for a smooth route to the venue.

Parking is available at the stadium, but it’s often busy on game days, so early arrival is recommended. The close proximity to major roads is a significant advantage for those driving in.

Public Transportation and Bicycle Parking

Several public transit options make reaching Tempe Diablo Stadium straightforward. Valley Metro bus services cover multiple routes that stop near the stadium. Bus lines such as 48 and 62 are often used by passengers. Additionally, the Tempe Streetcar provides another convenient option for local residents.

For cyclists, there are bike racks available for parking near the stadium entrances. The city of Tempe encourages the use of bicycles, and the paths to the stadium are well-marked and safe. This is a pleasant option for those living nearby or staying in local accommodations, like the Marriott Buttes Resort which is close to the stadium.

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Stadium Policies

Fans follow signs for bag checks and ticket lines at Tempe Diablo Stadium. Security patrols the entrance as spectators gather for the game

At Tempe Diablo Stadium, staying informed about the rules and regulations can help ensure a smooth visit. Important policies cover prohibited items and behavior, accommodations for accessibility and inclusiveness, and guidelines for payment and purchasing.

Prohibited Items and Behavior

Certain items and behaviors are not allowed at Tempe Diablo Stadium to ensure safety and comfort for all visitors. Fans cannot bring alcoholic beverages, except for one liter (or less) of water in a factory-sealed plastic bottle. Juices in boxes or pouches are allowed.

Large bags are also not permitted, with exceptions made only for medically necessary items and diaper bags.

Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the stadium. Guests using foul or abusive language will be asked to leave by stadium staff to maintain a family-friendly atmosphere.

Accessibility and Inclusiveness

Tempe Diablo Stadium provides accessible seating at various locations, ensuring that all fans can enjoy the game. These seats can be reserved in advance through the ticket office by calling 888-796-4256. There is also an accessible ramp on the south side of the stadium.

Accessible restrooms and other amenities are available throughout the venue. Staff members are trained to assist guests with disabilities, making sure everyone has an enjoyable experience.

Payment and Purchasing

Tempe Diablo Stadium has moved to a cashless payment system. Fans need to use credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or American Express for all transactions within the stadium and parking areas. This includes purchasing tickets, snacks, and souvenirs.

Guests attending games in large groups of 25 or more can access discounts and benefits by calling 888-796-HALO. Planning ahead and understanding these payment policies can help avoid any inconvenience on game day.

Stadium Events

Tempe Diablo Stadium hosts a variety of events that attract sports fans and community members. These events include professional baseball games, team practice sessions, and special events like concerts.

Spring Training Schedule

Each spring, the stadium becomes a hub for baseball enthusiasts during the Cactus League Spring Training. The Los Angeles Angels are the primary team training at the stadium, bringing fans from all over to watch both prospects and established stars. The games typically start in late February and continue through March, providing fans with numerous opportunities to catch a game. Tickets are available in advance, and early booking is recommended to secure the best seats.

Team Practice Sessions

During the baseball season, both the Angels and their minor league affiliate, the AZL Angels, hold practice sessions at Tempe Diablo Stadium. These sessions allow fans to catch a glimpse of their favorite players up close. Practices are usually held in the morning, and they offer a more relaxed atmosphere compared to the high-energy games. It’s an excellent opportunity for fans to see the players in a less formal setting, often followed by autograph sessions.

Special Events and Concerts

Tempe Diablo Stadium is not just for baseball; it also hosts a range of special events and concerts. For instance, the World of Illumination event transforms the stadium into a holiday-themed light show, attracting families and local residents. Various concerts and community events take place throughout the year, making the stadium a versatile venue for entertainment. The rules and regulations for these events are designed to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all attendees.

Media and News

Tempe Diablo Stadium is a significant location for baseball media coverage. It serves as a hub for photography and press releases, playing an important role in the sports community.


Photography at Tempe Diablo Stadium captures the energy of the games and events. Photographers from various media outlets take photos of players, fans, and key moments. These images often appear in newspapers, sports magazines, and online platforms.

The stadium itself, with its unique design and vibrant crowd, makes for compelling photos. During spring training, photographers have the opportunity to photograph top athletes in action. This type of photography helps promote the stadium and the events hosted there, ensuring that moments are shared with a wide audience.

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Press Releases

Press releases from Tempe Diablo Stadium provide regular updates on events, renovations, and game schedules. Local news outlets and sports websites often pick up these releases to inform the public. For instance, the planned $50 million renovation and other significant changes are often detailed in these documents.

Press releases are a reliable source of information for fans and media professionals. They help keep the community informed about important developments. This constant flow of information ensures that everyone stays updated on what’s happening at Tempe Diablo Stadium. This makes press releases an essential part of the stadium’s communication strategy.

Upcoming Developments

The sun sets behind the silhouette of Tempe Diablo Stadium, casting a warm glow over the upcoming developments and construction equipment scattered around the site

Tempe Diablo Stadium is set to undergo major upgrades. The project is aimed at enhancing the experience for both fans and teams. These improvements will ensure the stadium meets MLB standards.

Phase 1 includes a new Major League Clubhouse. This clubhouse will be located next to the Minor League facilities.

There will be a new player development area. This area will feature a performance lab, weight and locker rooms, and an office space.

The new clubhouse will also include:

  • An onsite kitchen
  • Team dining area
  • Meeting spaces

The City of Tempe is contributing approximately $10.9 million to the first phase. The full renovation budget is estimated at $50.9 million, with Tempe covering a significant portion.

Construction will be handled by M.A. Mortenson Company. Their work will be focused on getting the new facilities up and running before the next season begins.

Diablo Stadium’s renovations are a cooperative effort between the City of Tempe and the Los Angeles Angels, who use the stadium for spring training.

Keep an eye out for project updates posted on the City of Tempe’s website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Tempe Diablo Stadium offers various seating options, easy ticket purchasing processes, and updated facilities to enhance the overall experience. Here is detailed information on these points:

What are the seating options and views like at Tempe Diablo Stadium?

Tempe Diablo Stadium has accessible seating available at different locations. The seats are comfortable, and there is a grassy berm beyond the outfield fences which offers a casual and affordable option for watching games. Views from all areas are well-maintained and provide clear sightlines.

How can I purchase tickets for events at Tempe Diablo Stadium?

Tickets for events at Tempe Diablo Stadium can be purchased in advance through the ticket office at 888-796-4256. It’s recommended to buy tickets early to ensure the best seating availability and to avoid last-minute rushes.

Can you provide information about parking availability at Tempe Diablo Stadium?

Parking is available around the stadium with accessible options as well. It’s advisable to arrive early during large events to secure a convenient spot. Parking details and specific areas can vary, so checking the event details beforehand is beneficial.

What types of renovations have been made to Tempe Diablo Stadium recently?

Tempe Diablo Stadium underwent significant renovations to improve the fan and team experiences. These improvements include better seating, upgraded facilities, and accessible amenities. The renovations are part of a long-term plan to host the Los Angeles Angels spring training through at least 2035.

What events are scheduled to take place at Tempe Diablo Stadium?

Besides being the spring training home of the Los Angeles Angels, Tempe Diablo Stadium hosts several large sporting and community events throughout the year. This includes popular events like the holiday light display, Illumination: A Symphony of Lights.

How can I find the Spring Training schedule for teams playing at Tempe Diablo Stadium?

The Spring Training schedule for the Los Angeles Angels and other teams playing at Tempe Diablo Stadium can typically be found on the City of Tempe’s website. It’s updated regularly to reflect the latest games and events.

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