Discover the fascinating history and secrets of Mystery Castle!

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Mystery Castle Phoenix - Photo Source

Mystery Castle is a one-of-a-kind tourist attraction in Phoenix, Arizona. This castle was built by Boyce Gulley over the course of 20 years using found materials, and it’s now open to the public. There’s an underground tunnel system and a lot of interesting rooms to explore at the castle.


Mystery Castle Phoenix - <a href="">Photo Source</a>
Mystery Castle Phoenix – Photo Source

Mystery Castle is known for its many strange and fascinating features. There’s a lot to see at the castle, including:

-The castle’s dark and spooky basement is said to be haunted by Gulley’s ghost.

-The beautiful stained glass windows that adorn the castle’s walls.

-Marble floors and elaborate chandeliers decorate the grand ballroom.

-The castle’s many turrets offer stunning views of Phoenix.

-But that’s not all! The castle also features an underground tunnel system, an art gallery, and a gift shop.

Tips for touring the castle like a pro

If you’re planning to visit Mystery Castle in Phoenix, Arizona, here are some tips for touring the castle like a pro:

-Make sure to wear comfortable shoes, as there is a lot of walking involved in the tour.

-Be prepared for some steep staircases and narrow corridors.

-The castle is dark and spooky, so be prepared to see some strange things!

-Come with an open mind and be prepared to be amazed by this one-of-a-kind attraction.

Unfortunately, Mystery Castle is not wheelchair accessible. However, if you can make it up the many flights of stairs, there are wheelchair-accessible bathrooms on each floor.

Mystery Castle was vandalized in March 2022. The vandalism caused significant damage to the castle and resulted in more than 100k dollars damages. The perpetrators have yet to be identified, and the investigation is still ongoing. Mystery Castle remains a point of pride for Phoenix and is still open to the public despite this incident.

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Mystery Castle is located in Phoenix, Arizona, in the foothills of South Mountain Park. It can be easily reached by car, and ample parking is available on-site. The castle is also accessible by public transportation, a bus stop is nearby.

If you’re planning to visit Mystery Castle, check the castle’s website for information on hours of operation and tour times as they change seasonally. Admission is free for children aged 5 and under. Adults pay $10, and children $5.

Tours of the castle typically last about 30-45 minutes.

Mystery Castle is a truly unique and fascinating attraction that is well worth a visit. With its interesting history, strange features, and spooky atmosphere, it’s an experience you won’t soon forget!

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