8 Buttery, Flaky Croissants in Phoenix That Are To Die For

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Look no further if you’re looking for the best buttery, flaky croissants in Phoenix. Here you’ll find a list of some of the top spots around town where you can get your fix on this classic French pastry. These places will satisfy even the most discerning croissant connoisseurs, from artisan bakeries to upscale cafes. So whether you’re looking for a quick snack on the go or an indulgent brunch treat, these places have got you covered! Let’s look at where to find the best buttery, flaky croissants in Phoenix.


Merci French Cafe

Merci French Cafe <a href="https://unsplash.com/photos/NlsFze9o7Ps?utm_source=unsplash&utm_medium=referral&utm_content=creditShareLink/">Photo Source</a>
Merci French Cafe Photo Source

7620 E Indian School Rd, Scottsdale



Merci French Cafe is another delicious spot to find buttery, flaky croissants in Phoenix. This cafe offers a variety of treats, such as their famous breakfast croissant sandwich and excellent coffee. It’s a casual setting ideal for an intimate gathering or just dropping by for a quick snack. Plus, they offer a BYOB option! And with their dog-friendly patio, you can bring your furry friend along for the ride. The friendly staff will ensure an enjoyable experience—it’s no surprise people keep returning for more! Stop by Merci French Cafe today and get your fix on some delicious croissants!

Essence Bakery Cafe

Essence Bakery Cafe <a href="https://www.essencebakery.com/menus/breakfast-and-lunch/">Photo Source</a>
Essence Bakery Cafe Photo Source

3830 E Indian School Rd, Phoenix



Essence Bakery Cafe has become a top spot for buttery, flaky croissants in Phoenix. The cafe offers a variety of seasonal croissants, such as meyer lemon and honey apple, that are sure to satisfy any craving. Whether for breakfast or an indulgent treat, their pastries are the perfect way to start your morning! And if you’re looking for more than croissants, they also offer lunch items such as salads and sandwiches. So why not stop by Essence Bakery Cafe today and enjoy some delicious buttery, flaky croissants? You won’t be disappointed!

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Proof Bread

Proof Bread <a href="https://proofbread.com/">Photo Source</a>
Proof Bread Photo Source

125 W Main St, Mesa



At Proof Bread, you can find more than just croissants. They offer pastries such as apple danish and baguettes, as well as specialty items like pizza dough and focaccia. And ordering is easy with their convenient online store! Why not try their famous chocolate croissant for those looking for an indulgent treat? It’s sure to be a crowd-pleaser! Nearly 1,000 people flock to the three popular Phoenix markets for Proof Bread every Saturday. Every week, loyal customers line up to get their hands on this delicious product! Visit their website for market locations. So if you’re in the mood for some delicious bakery treats, head over to Proof Bread and get your fix today!

JL Patisserie

JL Patisserie <a href="https://jlpatisserie.com/">Photo Source</a>
JL Patisserie Photo Source

4700 N Central Ave ste. 121, Phoenix



Indulge in a classic croissant or the unique and delightful combination of a cruffin – imparting all the deliciousness of both a croissant and muffin. For those keen to learn, their patisserie also offers baking classes so you can master these French treats yourself!

La Belle Vie

La Belle Vie <a href="https://labelleviebakery.com/">Photo Source</a>
La Belle Vie Photo Source

8119 E Roosevelt St, Scottsdale


Open only on Saturdays; La Belle Vie is a must-stop spot for buttery croissants in Phoenix. Many locals highly recommend this artisan bakery for its flaky and flavorful croissants. From classic almond to lemon basil, their selection of pastries will satisfy even the most discerning pastry connoisseurs. Pre-ordering is available online as well! So if you’re looking for the perfect croissant, check out La Belle Vie’s website and make your pre-order today—it’s worth every penny! You won’t regret it!

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Zinqué <a href="https://www.lezinque.com/menus/">Photo Source</a>
Zinqué Photo Source

4712 N Goldwater Blvd Suite 110, Scottsdale



Visiting Zinqué, the Parisian-style bistro and wine bar, is a must for croissant lovers. Start your day right with their classic variety of delightfully light and flaky layers available at 7 am every morning! Prefer something decadent? Their chocolate twist is filled with creamy goodness and has a golden exterior. Nothing can beat the savory prosciutto and gruyère croissant full of delicious meaty flavors for those looking for a hearty brunch option or simply on the go.

Ollie Vaughn’s Kitchen and Bakery

Ollie Vaughn’s Kitchen and Bakery <a href="https://unsplash.com/photos/iyM-XTsTiek?utm_source=unsplash&utm_medium=referral&utm_content=creditShareLink/">Photo Source</a>
Ollie Vaughn’s Kitchen and Bakery Photo Source

1526 E McDowell Rd, Phoenix



If you’re looking for the best croissants in Phoenix, you won’t want to miss Ollie Vaughn’s Kitchen and Bakery. Located at 1526 E McDowell Rd, this delightful bakery has an inviting exterior with a cozy seating area perfect for enjoying their delicious pastries. Their flaky, buttery croissants are crafted with love, making them some of the best in Phoenix. Their signature variety of pastries is wonderfully buttery, flaky, and crisply caramel-colored. The outer layer offers a satisfying crunch while the center melts away in your mouth with an impossibly light texture. Without a doubt, you should add this to your weekend brunch menu! Its deliciousness is unmatched and will make for an enjoyable breakfast affair.

la Madeleine

la Madeleine <a href="https://lamadeleine.com/">Photo Source</a>
la Madeleine Photo Source

45 W Jefferson St Suite M, Phoenix



La Madeleine is an exquisite Parisian bistro that expertly combines French classics with modern innovation. From their tempting seasonal tarts and chocolate or almond croissants to their renowned opera bombe cake, a delicious espresso sponge cake filled with mousse, you’re sure to find something special at La Madeleine. Their most popular item? The opera bombe – just one bite will have your taste buds singing!

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Our favorite croissants are at La Belle Vie. Their buttery and flaky perfection guarantees satisfaction every time – but be sure to place an advanced order online for optimal convenience!

From classic almond to lemon basil, there’s something for everyone when it comes to finding the best croissants in Phoenix. From the highly recommended La Belle Vie and JL Patisserie to the unique Ollie Vaughn’s Kitchen and Bakery and La Madeleine, each of these places serves up some of their unique take on this timeless French pastry. So if you’re looking for a delightful way to start your day or just craving a flaky treat, check out one (or all!) of these top spots for delicious croissants in Phoenix! Bon Appétit!

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