8 of the Best Gyms in Phoenix for Newbies and Fitness Buffs Alike

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Here in Phoenix, we have some of the best gyms around. Whether you’re looking for group classes or are more focused on one-on-one training, you can find the perfect gym to help you reach your fitness goals.

With state-of-the-art equipment and facilities, these gyms have everything you need to get in shape and stay healthy for years to come. So don’t wait any longer – come and explore Phoenix’s gym scene today! You won’t regret it. Enjoy your journey to a healthier you!


Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness <a href="https://www.planetfitness.com/gyms/phoenix-west-az/">Photo Source</a>
Planet Fitness Photo Source

7333 W Thomas Rd Suite 78, Phoenix



Open 24 hours

Planet Fitness is the perfect gym for those looking for a clean, friendly atmosphere that’s not too crowded in the morning. Open 24/7, it boasts plenty of machines and equipment to help gym-goers reach their fitness goals – whether looking for an early morning workout or an after-work session. With experienced trainers on-site to help you craft the perfect workout plan, Planet Fitness is the gym of choice for many looking to stay fit in Phoenix. So don’t wait – join the gym and start building a healthier lifestyle today!

Anytime Fitness

Anytime Fitness <a href="https://www.anytimefitness.com/ccc/ask-a-coach/6-ways-to-think-differently-about-roadblocks-in-your-fitness-journey/">Photo Source</a>
Anytime Fitness Photo Source

3135 E Indian School Rd, Phoenix



Open 24 hours

Anytime Fitness is renowned for its helpful, knowledgeable staff and cutting-edge gym equipment. When you join their membership program at their convenient Phoenix location, they will begin crafting a personalized exercise plan to help you reach your fitness goals. Not only that, but free assessments are available to all members as an entry point into an unbeatable workout experience designed to improve endurance, mental clarity, and physical strength.

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Liberty Performance Training

Liberty Performance Training <a href="https://libertyperformancetraining.com/">Photo Source</a>
Liberty Performance Training Photo Source

2313 N 24th St, Phoenix



Open 24 hours

At Liberty Performance, they strive to provide an inclusive, welcoming atmosphere for all fitness levels and goals. Whether you’re looking to stay active or take your gym performance to the next level, you can find what you need here. Liberty Performance Training offers a wide range of services for gym-goers in Phoenix, from strength and conditioning to nutritional advice. With state-of-the-art gym equipment and experienced trainers on staff, you can feel confident that your fitness journey is in capable hands. Plus, the gym is open 24/7, so you can hit the gym anytime!

CrossFit Full Strength

CrossFit Full Strength <a href="https://crossfitfullstrength.com/">Photo Source</a>
CrossFit Full Strength Photo Source

4633 E Thomas Rd, Phoenix



Experience the ultimate gym session with CrossFit Full Strength! Located in Phoenix and its nearby areas, this fitness center has been serving clients since 2010. Through its 50 years of collective training knowledge, individualized programs and coaching methods are available for one-on-one or small-group training. All new members can take advantage of a No Sweat Intro, where trainers will customize plans tailored to their goals. On top of that, grab some grocery lists and weekly meal plans from their professional nutritionists!

Tangible Wellness-Fitness Center

Tangible Wellness-Fitness Center <a href="https://tangiblewellness.org/thomas-rd-location-1/">Photo Source</a>
Tangible Wellness-Fitness Center Photo Source

1500 E Thomas Rd Ste 110, Phoenix



Open 24/7

Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast in Phoenix or its neighboring communities, Tangible Wellness provides personalized guidance on your journey toward well-being. Their 3D Scan services will help you comprehend posture analytics so that you can make significant progress with more accuracy and efficiency! Moreover, this facility provides chemical and drug-free red light therapy sessions to elevate blood vessel circulation, collagen production, cellular vitality, and lymphatic system performance.

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VASA Fitness

VASA Fitness <a href="https://vasafitness.com/">Photo Source</a>
VASA Fitness Photo Source

4255 W Thunderbird Rd, Phoenix



VASA Fitness is the gym of choice for many fitness enthusiasts in Phoenix! With plenty of workout stations, a sauna, a basketball court, and a huge pool all under one roof, VASA makes it easy to stay healthy and fit. And with reasonably priced memberships, you can’t go wrong. Not to mention the knowledgeable and helpful staff who are always there when you need them – what more could you ask for? Join VASA today and experience fitness from a whole new perspective!

F45 Training East Phoenix

F45 Training East Phoenix <a href="https://f45training.com/">Photo Source</a>
F45 Training East Phoenix Photo Source

3844 N 32nd St #101, Phoenix



Join the F45 Training family today and experience how they revolutionized high-intensity group workouts. Enjoy a new way of training that is fast and enjoyable but, most importantly, results-driven! Discover why so many people have become part of this global fitness community and see what makes them unique. Unlike traditional fitness gyms, their functional fitness training classes are constantly changing – meaning that no two workouts will ever be the same!

Metroflex Gym

Metroflex Gym <a href="https://www.metroflexgym.com/legends.html/">Photo Source</a>
Metroflex Gym Photo Source

1950 W Rose Garden Ln STE 130, Phoenix



If you’re serious about lifting weights or already competing in competitions, then Metroflex Gym is your ideal destination. The environment here is filled with an intense atmosphere that will only make you want to work harder! They have loads of old-school heavy iron, multiple squat racks, deadlifting platforms, and plenty of machines specifically suited for certain exercises. Furthermore, they even provide a posing room if needed!


If you’re looking for a gym in Phoenix that can help you reach your fitness goals, then these eight gyms are worth checking out. Each gym offers something unique and special, from CrossFit Full Strength to Planet Fitness, providing the perfect environment for any fitness enthusiast. We love spending our week at Metroflex Gym! Not only does it have an amazing vibe, but its impressive selection of weight-lifting equipment is unparalleled.

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So what are you waiting for? Get up and get moving today! The possibilities are endless, with an abundance of fitness options in Phoenix! So take the first step and commit to yourself – let’s get fit together!

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