Forget Sushi, Try These 7 Delicious Ramen Shops in Phoenix

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Ramen is a beloved culinary delight around the world, and Phoenix is no exception! We are lucky enough to have some of the best ramen restaurants in the country located right here in our city. There’s something about slurping up a piping hot bowl of savory broth, chewy noodles, and flavorful toppings that just hits the spot.

Whether you’re a fan of traditional tonkatsu ramen or want to try something more adventurous, like spicy miso ramen, there is something for everyone. Plus, it’s a great way to warm up during those cold winter nights. So what are you waiting for? Discover some of Phoenix’s best ramen restaurants – you won’t regret it!


Origami Ramen Bar

Origami Ramen Bar - <a href="">Photo Source</a>
Origami Ramen Bar – Photo Source

4810 E Ray Rd Suite A-1, Phoenix


Origami Ramen Bar is one of the best ramen restaurants in Phoenix – and for a good reason! Not only do they serve up some delicious traditional Japanese-style ramen, but they also offer a wide range of creative variations like spicy miso and veggie ramen. Here, you’ll find an extensive menu with something to satisfy every noodle lover.

If you’re looking for a unique take on traditional ramen, make sure to check out Origami Ramen Bar! Their ramen is made with the freshest ingredients, from perfectly cooked noodles to savory broths. Plus, their knowledgeable staff can help you choose the perfect bowl for your tastes and preferences.

SoSoBa Phoenix

SoSoBa Phoenix - <a href="">Photo Source</a>
SoSoBa Phoenix – Photo Source

214 W Roosevelt St, Phoenix


SoSoBa Phoenix started in Flagstaff and then opened a location in downtown Phoenix years later. This trendy spot offers inventive takes on classic ramen dishes like their vegan Mothra- which comes with rice noodles, green curry, broccoli, marinated fried tofu, peas, bok choy, mint, Thai basil, and fried garlic. And don’t even get us started on the cocktail menu. Our favorites include the Heyday Mainstay made with vodka angostura, simple syrup, ginger, beer, lime, and mint.

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If you’re looking for something a little more classic, though, don’t worry. SoSoBa Phoenix offers amazing versions of traditional ramen, like their gyoza ramen. With its delicious flavor and inventive ingredients, SoSoBa Phoenix is one of the best ramen restaurants in downtown Phoenix!

Tampopo Ramen

Tampopo Ramen - <a href="">Photo Source</a>
Tampopo Ramen – Photo Source

3223 S McClintock Dr Suite103, Tempe


Hours: Daily 5 AM-9 PM, Mondays & Thursdays 11 AM-3 PM, 5-9 PM

Tampopo Ramen is a great spot to get your ramen fix! This restaurant serves some of Tempe‘s best and most authentic ramen dishes. From classic tonkatsu to flavorful seafood ramen, they have something for everyone.

If you’re looking for a traditional Japanese-style ramen experience in Phoenix, look no further than Tampopo Ramen! Their menu features an array of side dishes, like Yaki Gyoza and Hirata buns, to complement your ramen. And their friendly staff will help you find the perfect bowl for your taste.

Ramen Kagawa

Ramen Kagawa - <a href="">Photo Source</a>
Ramen Kagawa – Photo Source

111 W Monroe St UNIT 130, Phoenix


Hours: Daily 11 AM-3 PM, 5-9 PM

Ramen Kagawa is a relatively new ramen restaurant in downtown Phoenix that has quickly become one of the city’s best. They specialize in classic Japanese-style ramen focusing on fresh, flavorful ingredients. If you’re feeling adventurous, try their new signature Kagawa Tonkotsu Ramen (Pork broth) – it packs a punch!

Karaage lovers will be delighted to find that Ramen Kagawa does not disappoint. Their karaage is crisp on the outside and juicy on the inside – perfection! If you’re looking for a ramen fix, this is the spot! They have big bowls filled with flavorful broth and delicious noodles. So what are you waiting for? Head to Ramen Kagawa and enjoy some of the best ramens in Phoenix!

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Nishikawa Ramen

Nishikawa Ramen - <a href="">Photo Source</a>
Nishikawa Ramen – Photo Source

3141 E Indian School Rd #110, Phoenix



Mondays-Thursdays 11 AM-2:30 PM, 5-9:30 PM

Saturdays 11 AM-10:30 PM, Sundays till 9:30 PM

Nishikawa Ramen is an authentic Japanese ramen bar in Arizona that offers a unique dining experience to its guests. The restaurant is small but well-decorated and very clean. Guests can start their meal with a delicious takoyaki appetizer and then move on to the main course. The menu includes Nishikawa black ramen, tonkatsu ramen, and miso ramen. If you’re a vegetarian, definitely try their shoyu vegetarian ramen. Come to Nishikawa Ramen to experience the best of Japan in Arizona!

Hana Japanese Eatery

Hana Japanese Eatery - <a href="">Photo Source</a>
Hana Japanese Eatery – Photo Source

5524 N 7th Ave, Phoenix


Hours: Daily 5-9 PM, Mondays closed

Hana Japanese Eatery is a great spot for ramen lovers in downtown Phoenix. Their traditional tonkotsu ramen is always cooked to perfection with just the right blend of flavors and spices. The friendly staff gives each guest personalized service, ensuring they’re comfortable throughout their meal. Be warned – this place can get busy during peak hours, so plan ahead! And don’t forget to try the green tea mochi for dessert. They also have a great selection of imported beers to pair with your ramen. Visit Hana Japanese Eatery and experience delicious ramen with excellent service!

Clever Koi

Clever Koi - <a href="">Photo Source</a>
Clever Koi – Photo Source

4236 N Central Ave #100, Phoenix


Hours: Daily 11 AM-10 PM

Clever Koi is a ramen staple and a great night-out destination due to its trendsetting vibe and delicious cocktails like the scorpion (perfect for sharing!). Scorpions are made with rum, gin, brandy, orange juice, lime juice, orgeat syrup, and passion fruit. Additionally, there are two new types of ramen on the menu-vegan shoyu ramen and spicy kimchi ramen. Try our favorite ramen here-pork ramen!

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Phoenix is a great city for ramen lovers, with numerous ramen restaurants offering various options. Our favorite ramen restaurant in Phoenix is SoSoBa but you can’t really go wrong with any restaurants on this list. Whether you’re looking for classic tonkatsu, vegan shoyu, or spicy kimchi ramen, there’s something for everyone! So don’t hesitate to explore the amazing ramen selection that Phoenix has to offer

Happy slurping! 🍜😋

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